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The VCM Foundation is one of the leading choral music education charities in the world and is responsible for innovative and wide reaching education programmes.  VCM family boasts two internationally acclaimed vocal ensembles, VOCES8 and Apollo5, who perform all over the world each year, mixing classical music with jazz, pop and contemporary compositions and who also deliver our unique approach to education, the VOCES8 Method, created by our CEO, Paul Smith.  

Paul Smith is a co-founder of VOCES8, author of The VOCES8 Method and CEO of the VCM Foundation, Paul has enjoyed more than a decade of work including global travel to prestigious concert venues, schools and universities.

Paul is an ambassador for music publishers Edition Peters, as well as a board member of the 21st Century Musician programme at DePauw University, Indiana, and a trustee for the National Children's Choir of Great Britain. Follow Paul on Twitter @hatchmyideas.

The home of the VCM Foundation in the UK is the Gresham Centre, an international centre for vocal excellence and outreach at St Anne & St Agnes Church in the heart of the City of London. Situated 200 metres from St Paul's Cathedral, this beautiful Wren Church provides an inspirational space to reach over 5000 students from London's local schools each year who enjoy celebration concerts, workshops, educational interactions and performances.

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